We Are Dedicated

to making the finest natural products on the market, and that is, and always has
been, our mission.
In considering whether a product meets this standard,
we evaluate both its impact on the consumer and on the planet.

Our Goal

is for every product that we introduce to be safe, pure, groundbreaking, sustainably
sourced, and highly effective. Our brands are varied and distinct, but they all share the
same common values:

a commitment to naturalness, concern for the health
of our customers, and dedication to social and
environmental responsibility.

Earth Science Naturals has had a long and storied history of firsts:
the first completely paraben-free line; the first to use hyaluronic acid in
skin care;
the first apricot facial scrub; the first to harness lichen for the control
of odor in deodorants; and many, many more...

Sarabecca is the first "truly natural perfume" brand, using only certified all-natural
to make sophisticated, complex and compelling perfumes.

And Ceramedx is the first natural ceramide therapy system of its kind, employing the power of plant ceramides to soothe and heal dry skin.

Better Brands for A Healthy World